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xoxo, Pit Viper


    I mean, have you read about what goes on there?! I can't believe they actually took us on field trips to that place.

    Some of the World's most bad ass creatures are kept in tiny tanks, and that's not cool!


  2. Ass Man
    Ass Man

    Do you catch what we did here? "Hey you! Tuna round and lemme see that Bass". Oh my cod, cut the carp! So sofishticated...If you can think of a better fish pun, let minnow.


  3. Bucks Trucks Titty Fucks
    Bucks Trucks Titty Fucks

    The simple pleasures of a hunter's lifestyle. A beautiful animal, a big-ass truck, and pectoral lovemaking.


  4. Catch Bass Eat Ass Hat
    Catch Bass Eat Ass Hat

    Who doesn't love a fat bAss? Two parts of a well balanced diet and lifestyle.


  5. Motorboatin'

    The ideal hat for all sailors, seamen, skippers, captains & motorboaters. And sons of bitches, of course.