The Frank Air

The Frank Air

A new collaboration with our friends at Party Shirt International.

Quad corks are for my mom’s abstract wine collection and the X Games.
We’re all about Daffys, Backscratchers, and Spread Eagles. Whistlin’ Bungholes, Spleen Splitters, and Whisker Biscuits. Hoosker Doos, Hoosker Don’ts, and a perfectly executed Whistlin’ Kitty Chaser.

So we teamed up with our part time lovers, Party Shirt International, to create an ode to those days on the mountain where you just let it all Frank out. A tribute to the feeling of wind in your hair, a rip in your crotch stitches, and the contents of your flask dripping down your fart catcher.

95% Polyester. 5% Spandex. 100% results guaranteed.