We’re proud to present the first ever BALL-ISTIC™ Pit Vipers. A step up from the ANSI Z87+ rating, these pairs can take a .15 Caliber piece of shrapnel at 660ft +/- 10 per second. Yup, they’re up to U.S. Military Standard. Matte rubberized frames, laser etched logo, and toned down non-mirrored lenses make them a safe choice for the field.

And best of all, this Veterans Day for every pair bought we’re donating another pair to a past or present member of the armed forces. Just follow the directions at checkout to decide where to donate yours, and wear them with pride knowing somewhere out there a badass is rocking the same BALL-ISTIC™ ’cause of you.

Edit: I can’t believe I’m writing this. DISCLAIMER: we do NOT under ANY circumstances recommend shooting anybody, or getting shot in the face while wearing the BALL-ISTIC™. Wow.

Check out the BALL-ISTIC™ lab test results here: NJP Lab Test Results