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Tony's Pie Hole

Tony's Pie Hole

Ya know what? Sometimes ya hit every red light along the way. Sometimes you ordered at 5pm and the traffic is so backed up if feels like you're moving backwards. Sometimes you got your 3rd DUI on the way over but the point is....I fuckin' showed up. Ya got whatcha paid for and at this point I'd settle for a "thank you"


Following a stiff and rigorous internal company-wide competition, our top 10 employees have each designed a shitty hat.
142 of each hat has been birthed into this world.
You cast your vote with your money. Buy your favorite hats.The first Shitty Hat to sell out wins! The winning employee receives bragging rights, the right to a federally mandated lunch break, and they don't have to do karaoke at the office holiday party.